In Miller & Shepherd article, “Blogging as Social Action,” uses methods that we can consider for genre analysis. In discussing“Genre as Social Action,” they examine the formal features of the genre, and the practical value of blogs for social action, reasoning that the blog as a genre “addresses a timeless rhetorical exigence in ways that are specific to its time.” Due to their multimodality and hypertextualization blogs offer writers the convenience of instantly publicizing their work as well as, the ability to back up their claims by guiding readers to further supporting evidence, through hyperlinks. In my Advanced Editing and Writing class this semster we had the opportunity to become a citizen journalists, when we created a sci/teh blog that functioned to inform individuals of a problem that we found interesting that others might not have been previously aware of. Below is a screen shot of my sci/tech blog and if you click on the picture you will be guided to the acutal blog. 

Blogs: The Link Between Social Problems and Civic Participation

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